An indispensable assistant during cooking and baking

Hello again. Today I will tell you about silicone brushes.
Believe that this is just an indispensable brush. She is eternal. Due to the fact that it is made of colored silicone, it is not just a beautiful accessory in the kitchen, but also a very durable and long-lasting assistant.
Added a cupcake recipe))). At the very bottom under the spoiler.
Feature from the site:
- Ultra-high strength, twist resistance
- Moisture-proof and, It never change color, No embrittlement, No oxidation, Used for a long time
- Super easy to clean
- Permissible temperature range: -40 to 250 degrees Celsius
- Pure silicone material, non-toxic tasteless
My opinion about the characteristics:
- Yes, the silicone is durable, pulling the "antennae" they just won’t come off
- moisture resistance - in principle, probably characteristic of any silicone, because it does not absorb water and easily gets rid of it, by ordinary crushing
- we have been using one brush for a long time, and shecompletely unchanged color. True, silicone also has bad properties, for example, it tends to absorb dirt and only therefore the color may fade a little
- Washes really easy. Since such a brush in the main is lubricated with oil for different baking dishes, it is common for silicone to absorb oil. Therefore, when washing, it is necessary to use detergents, but I still prefer to simply rinse the brush with water and hide from dust
- I can’t fully check the temperature resistance, butI can say that if you get a hot pan and start to lubricate it, then nothing will happen to the brush. I had a brush for lubrication from hard pile, as on toothbrushes, only the pile is harder and harder, and I mistakenly smeared the hot pan - it melted)))
- on account of whether it is pure silicone, nothingI can say, but in contact with the hot does not show any toxic odors. The new brush has an incomprehensible smell, but if you wash it, it will pass irrevocably. The tasteless silicone)
- silicone is soft, pleasant.
Brushes come in different sizes. I have S and L.
By the link you will find the size L and there on the page it will be indicated:
This style is L size, S size will be cheaper, if you want to buy, please chick here is S size
In general, click and go to the product with size S. Smaller size - lower price).
First, consider a brush of size L:

The brush is easily removed from the handle. Not falling off.

5 rows of 17 "antennae" in each:

All "antennae" are very agile:

Now consider a brush of size S:

Appearance is the same, just different sizes. Bend the same way.
4 rows of 12 "antennae" in each:

Sizes claimed by seller:
L - 21 * 4 * 1.1 cm
S - 17.5 * 3.3 * 1.2 cm
Real sizes:
L - 20.5 * 4 * 1.2 cm
S - 17.5 * 3.3 * 1. cm
The handle is made of hard, durable plastic.
To compare the two sizes, I will give a photo:

Compared to the female hand, the brushes look like this:

Conclusion: Now I am happy and easy to grease all my baking sheets and various baking dishes! You can also lubricate the baked goods themselves, for example, with yolk or butter. In general, the hostesses will find application. Would definitely recommend it.
All delicious baking.

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Thank you for watching.