Scissors for quail eggs

A parcel arrived from the Celestial Empire with scissors for quail eggs, and I immediately took a packet of eggs that waited my hour in the refrigerator.
Ordered on November 1, the track is not tracked - for such small orders only time to spend.
I'll explain what I ordered:
Since I am actively engaged in sports, namely I go to the gym and pull pancakes and dumbbells, I consume a lot of protein for muscle growth. And these are chicken eggs, chicken breast, veal, turkey, fish and cottage cheese.
And so it got snitch all, you know, especially chicken eggs.Well, when you eat five a day, then only at their sight begins to vomit.
Решил заменить 1 куриное яйцо пятью перепелиными. Во-первых, по количеству белка замена равноценная, во-вторых, вкус несколько другой, и вообще люблю их.

With quail eggs you can do all the same as with chicken: fry, cook, drink raw, make omelettes.The only thing that annoys me is that when you clean them - you pluck the top of a raw egg to drink it - your fingers become sticky and you need to wash them.In short the problem of the century for me.
Нашел на Али специальные ножницы для перепелиных яиц. Работают по тому же принципу, что и гильотина для сигары.

We got in the parcel in one piece: there is nothing to break.Made solidly.In general, made on conscience.

Scissors 13.5 cm long
5.5 cm wide
The color of the handle is only one - green.

1. Sharp
2. Реально классно отрезают верхушку.
3. Решают проблему чистки яйца
I didn't find any cons