ORICO 2139C3 Transparent Case for $ 5

The promotion is completed, thank you all for your attention!
Today I saw a promotional offer for the transparent ORICO 2139C3 case for 2.5 HDD / SSD Type-C USB3.1 5 Gb / s hard drives from the ORICO-Easy Your Life store (Aliexpress).
The regular price is $ 9.99, yesterday (April 20, 2017) it was reduced to $ 6.19, and today it is $ 5.00.
Also, the store itself has a coupon of $ 1 from 10, you can take two cases for $ 9.
User Review Overview.
I advise you to pay attention to the case model ORICO 2139C3 with Type C connector, and ORICO 2139U3 with micro USB 3.0.
This is not the only discounted product in this store, I just do not have information on how essential and “tasty” it is.
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