Fan speed control

I decided to buy a speed controller for fans in the system unit.
Previously, I used homemade wires from the molex connector wires and simply switched the fans to a lower voltage.



The device came in a tightly packed bag. Four screws were supplied with the speed regulator.

The device is quite compact and is designed to be installed in a 3.5 "compartment. Dimensions (WxH): 10cm x 9.5 cm. The control knobs extend by 1 cm.

The device is powered by a molex connector. Fans are connected via a 4 pin connector.


The LEDs are very bright. Tape them with a tight tape.

Speed ​​control in action.

Satisfied with the device. In general, a quality box. Materials / assembly / soldering of good quality. The only thing that didn’t quite work was plastic. The walls are thin and places for fastening screws because of this can become worthless.