Repair kit for mice: buttons and mechanical rotation encoders 11mm high.

After the sudden death of the wheel of another Chinese mouse, I decided to play with their repair and bought cheap Chinese encoders as well.
Buttons were also mined: at 0.83 $ / 5pcs.
Encoders arrived a little faster than in a month, and the seller combined the order with another one ordered from him on the same day (it was a notorious LED Christmas tree, which I’m not going to write about).

The encoders are rootless, look different from the seller’s pictures, the only marking is extruded on the plastic part of the T case in a rhombus. The metal part is all kind of scratched.

Buttons, as claimed by the seller, manufactured by Omron(whether this is true - without a clue, the only thing I can say, those who arrived are quite similar to the picture on the product page). We got without a track in 3 weeks directly to the mailbox.

Of the external flaws - the conclusions on the pair of buttons are partially oxidized.

But it is easy to get along with rosin.
A bit of practice - in the “rapoo” mouse bought at a cheap price, the encoder died (began to twitch in the wrong direction) after a week (!) Of use.
Old and new:

In another Trust purchased offline, through~ six months and an additional button began to double. Then the encoder was temporarily moved and lubricated with SI-180, which helped him. The button has been replaced by a freshly produced one - the sensations from the old and new are noticeably different, the new one presses harder and clicks more deafly. Subjectively, I like the old one more.
Button after replacement:

In general, the replacement was successful. How much they will live - time will tell. If there is anything, I will unsubscribe later.
Offal buttons.

plastic body was surprisinglyIt’s quite elastic, and it was possible to remove the cover without damage (remembering some usb-connectors, in which the latches crack not only with the reverse opening, but with the first snap).