Retro console (NES emulator)

Good afternoon (optional evening / night).
Today I will tell you about a small, portable console. Taken as receiving flashbacks from the past, I ask under the cut:
Took for 580r. Now they’re over at the seller, and I post a link to a similar product.
The seller shipped the device in a yellow, pimpled bag. It should be equipped with a cable for TV, I did not have a cable in the kit.

Display Size: 2.5 inches;
Matrix Type: TN;
It is powered by 3 elements of the type - AAA;
Has sound adjustment;
Has an output for TV (cable - 2 RCA x Jack 3.5);
It has one turbo button and two buttons A and B;
The controller is unknown;
Flash memory - 8Mb;

Much of what is preinstalled is a copy.levels of different games. But sometimes I don’t understand the Chinese, you can put 8 megabytes of well with 10 tons of good quality games. It is clear that this is done to attract attention and the effect of "Wow." True, they cannot achieve this effect in the Russian public, many remember cartridges of “9999 games in one” and tetris with the same number.

In general, there are playable hits, such as:
Adventure island
Batman 3
Chip & dale 2
Double dragon
Double dragon 2
Three eyes
Tank 90
Ninja gaiden (working power-ups)
Ninja gaiden II (working power-ups)

A lot of classics of any type Circus charlie and so on.
In general, there is something to play, and there is something to nostalgia for.
In terms of time, the console can take a very long timelie without replacing the batteries, if you actively play it (about 2-3 hours a day), by the end of the week the batteries will drop out (the nuance is that if you play without sound, it will take much longer).
A display with obviously expected quality, angles fade, but not critical, does not interfere with playing.

The sound is very loud, there is no headphone output.
The console is easy to understand. 4re screws behind the console are unscrewed, before that it is worth removing the batteries.
The soldering is good, nothing hangs anywhere:


Memory chip:

There is nothing more to consider here, the problem of suchof things is that the microcircuit is a blot emulator that is sensitive to temperature extremes, mechanical stress, and static. The case as a whole is not bad. In the hands of a small child, most likely, it will not survive for a long time, it requires careful handling.
Thin plastic housing; backlight shines through;
Emulator - blot;
Many games - “clones”;
Old games and everything related to them.
In general, if you read the flash drive firmware on the programmer, you can try to remove copies of the levels of different games from it and fill in something of your own with the reassembled menu.
In general, satisfied with the purchase. Was taken as an entertainment bath-toilet, for myself and the guests.