Robot fish: a toy that can catch pike

Today I want to tell about one amusing toy for kids and not only.
First of all, in the review we will consider what a robotic fish is in general. In addition to detailed photos, I will also give a few short videos on the work of the device.
And I’ll tell and show how to use the Robofish to catch a pike - that is, we will do "electronic bait".
A photo of the caught pike and a video with a stunned cat is attached (the video “Cat vs. Robofish” will be at the very bottom).
So let's go.
Before us is a device for getting positive. As far as I understand, they get it for children. But you can also entertain your kote quite well with such a fish (by the way, my dogs were also interested).
How and why did I buy
I was ordered to order this toy by the roller onYutube, in which men on the "electronic bait" caught pikes, zander and other predators (the video is in my review of the ventricles). They used a specially equipped plastic fish. Promoted as a device for fishermen, therefore not cheap.
Obviously, paying for such “show offs” of meaningabsolutely no. Nothing can replace an ordinary sweet crucian made of flesh and blood - of this I am convinced. Yes, and no one canceled the issues of energy dependence of the robot.
It was clear that the basis of the "electronic bait"Robofish, already known to many, was taken, therefore, in order to make fun of a couple of times, I ordered on Ali the cheapest lot at that time. Now the product is unavailable, I gave a link to a similar model in a blister and with a pair of spare batteries (there is a slightly cheaper option for 1.23 cu - only a fish is delivered in a simple plastic bag).
It was back in May last year, and now after I mastered bobbin fishing, it was time for Robofish to get under distribution.

Execution and equipment
I got a fish in a pretty beautiful blister, the substrate of which has a juicy high-quality printing.

As for me, the design (inscriptions and drawings) here is made in the so-called “Japanese” style. By the way, if my memory serves me, then this is a clone of a similar toy from the Land of the Rising Sun.
In addition to the robot itself, 2 spare batteries in the form of tablets were put into the kit. They are here at 1.5 volts - marked L1154.

I will immediately answer one of the main questions. I had a pair of batteries for 80 minutes of continuous operation. Then the robofish continued to work jerkily - it calmed down, but continued to tremble in segments of 5-10 seconds, if you move it with something in the water. Therefore, at zero I could not land the batteries installed from the factory until I could. We assume that they provide exactly twenty hours, especially since the batteries are already far from factory freshness.
On the back side of the substrate there is a bit of information about how to use a toy, etc.

The fish itself is made of smooth plastic. In the mass, it is orange, only white and black stripes are painted (plus the eyes are a little let down).

The coloring can not be called high-quality, but it does not fit.
The shape of the robot is completely anatomical. Please note that I already sawed up the fins a little and drilled several holes in them - this is for equipping pike with a ventilator.

Dimensions are not large. Weight is about 20 grams.

The configuration and coloring clearly hints at the notorious character from the 2003 computer animated cartoon "Finding Nemo."

I chose the clown fish for the order, since it somehow reminds me of crucian carp, although there are other colors and other Robofish body shapes on sale.
By the way, nothing prevents to color the fish innatural colors. I had a model metallic Humbrol, which was highlighted in the review about the Swirling technique For the sake of laughter, I patched it under a hodgepodge.

The tail is movable. It is his “game” that sets in motion the robot a fish. It is soft, made, in my opinion, of silicone.

A hatch is equipped on the abdomen of the robofish.

Inside we can see two batteries,installed sequentially. Tightness is ensured by a silicone gasket. Pressing the lid is carried out by one offset screw, on the other hand there is a spike on the lid, which goes into the corresponding groove.
We also see a gadget - it seems that this is a load so that the robot does not turn over and has the correct buoyancy.
How does it work
Robofish is positioned as “activated”. In fact, this is true.

For the toy to start working, you need to close a pair of contacts located on both sides of the body, closer to the back. Dip the fish into the water - and it will immediately fall into battle.
It tells about the principle of the device:

The tail works sweeping. But his game is not at all monotonous. According to an incomprehensible algorithm, the amplitude and frequency of impacts change (especially in water it plays very varied).
It works with a pleasant noise and vibration, which is liked not only by cats, but also, by the way, specifically turns on pike.
Thanks to the fins, the robot does not “fall over” during the course. But it cannot go deep on a strong jet. To overcome heat in order to move upstream, the robot is able only with intense tail play.
In stagnant water, the robofish goes into the lower layers and crawls there with its nose down - very similar to a fish feeding from the bottom.

We make an electronic bait from a Robofish toy
I was very interested in catching a pike on Robofish. Actually, for the sake of this, everything was up to. Obviously, this is not a competitor to live bait in any way. But it's cool.
The main problem was reliable equipment so thatthe weight and jerks of the predator fell not on the plastic, but on the fishing line. In wobblers, tees are attached to rings, which are part of the wire frame that is inside the body. A leash or main fishing line is attached to it. This is not there, therefore, we need another way. He exists.
At first I just wanted to tie a fishing line around the tail, so I sawed a little the back fins.

But then he decided otherwise. I slightly modified the so-called "noose" used to fix ordinary bait.

I dug holes in the upper and two lower fins, made here a tightening loop of 0.4 mm flurocarbon. Tee set one small.

The test was conducted at the Seversky Donets onYesterday's fishing. I charged the zharitsu with an electronic live bait on the best working hole, of which there were already two catches that day. The result was not long in coming - 45 minutes after cocking, the flag lit up and a small puppy got to the photo shoot.

The robber scratched the paint a little and made a few nicks on the plastic - but in general he took it carefully, apparently, just did not manage to crank and swallow the robot.
Pike bite on such a product, in general, is notIt’s amazing - when the toothed activates, then it can be caught on almost anything, if only it moves somehow. And here even some semblance of fish ...
Of course, I will not catch more on Robofish - for this is pampering.
It's time to take stock
1. The toy is of excellent quality, functional, cute (if with a blister, then you can give).
2. A toy, one might say, long-playing (I expected less).
3. It is inexpensive.
4. You can make fun of it and make an electronic bait (both for the lancer and the summer predator fishing).
5. Four-legged friends approve.

On this, let me take my leave.
Regards, Anton.