Videostrong Android Satellite Receiver

It performs its functions, but the impressions are mixed. Although you can take for that kind of money.
The receiver is a typical media player on a dual-core Amlogik AML8726-MX processor, of which there are dozens of options on Ali. The difference is the built-in DVB-S2 tuner. To consider in detail the functions of the media player to meit seems not worth it, everything is trite here, so I will focus on the highlight - the satellite part. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photo, they were taken late at night under artificial lighting on a very mediocre soap dish.

Immediately make a reservation, the seller was a little misleading andposted photos of the first version of the VS-IP015 receiver in a metal case, with buttons and a front USB. In fact, the receiver came with a revision board 1.2 in a plastic case without buttons and a front USB connector. The model is called VS-IP166.
The receiver came here in such a nice box, a little injured along the way.


Hero Review


Pretty standard set of connectors. From left to right: power, HDMI, LAN, Coaxial (digital audio output for an external decoder?), MicroSD slot, AV output (adapter with 3.5 jack for tulips included), 2 USB, loop output and input from the converter. I can’t check the DiSEqC operation and the motor suspension, I don’t have them. But in the menu the corresponding settings items are present.
Power Supply

Compared to the old man S8120

Remote controls

The remote control can switch to mouse mode, but, unfortunately, without a gyroscope. The cursor is controlled by a joystick.
The first time you turn on the wizard, whichallows you to configure the network connection, language settings, screen resolution (720p 50 and 60Hz and 1080p 50 and 60Hz modes are available) as well as scan channels.
The “blind” search is quite fast, subjectively 2 times faster than on my GI S8120.

Let's see what Antutu shows.

It is quite predictable, but for a media player this is quite enough.
Detected Cons:
- The maximum resolution of the desktop is 720p. When choosing 1080p, real switching does not happen 720p scales to 1080p, so the menu is pretty “soapy”. Although the HD channels seem to go to 1080p. I don’t know how to check, but visually the difference with 8120 is not noticeable.
- An inconvenient list of channels, there are not enough “bouquets” a la Enigma. There is only one favorite list, there is no sorting by provider.

- There are no CI slots and a card reader, so legally you can only watch open (FTA) channels.
- The native firmware does not support HDMI-CEC, but there are alternative ones.
+ Price compared to peers. The recently released Spark2 has the same hardware platform, but costs about $ 170.
+ Android
+ Alternative firmware. They are not very many, but among them there is even OpenELEC
+ Oops

And what is inside it?

Permission test

Comparison of HD channels on 8120 and the hero of the review

There will be no seals.