Comparative review of two IP cameras: ESCAM Q6 and ESCAM QF001

More recently, I met the first inof my life with an ESCAM QF001 IP camera and now I have in my hands the second model of the same company - Q6. The previous camera still (although I’ve been talking about a couple of months) is working properly and shows parking under the window - it’s very convenient, when you return from work in the evening, to monitor the availability of free spaces. Well, let's compare these two models from a purely consumer point of view and help potential buyers make their choice.
With an overview of this model ESCAM QF001 colleague Comrad,and therefore, hunters for firmware dumps, telnet passwords and other technical details feel free to send ESCAM QF001 I will tell you from a purely philistine-consumer point of view and show how these cameras are similar and how they differ.
Appearance, dimensions, installation andconnection So, we have two cameras on hand. Both are mounted using a standard 1/4 "screw, that is, the cameras can be mounted on tripods. Included, however, are convenient brackets with the ability to mount on vertical and horizontal surfaces. In general, everything is serious for an adult. In appearance I like the ESCAM QF001 more - it is a bit like the good old R2D2, it can twist its head around, up / down and evokes warm feelings, but it is too big (110mm x 120mm).

On the other hand, the ESCAM QF001 is attractive for itssmall size (60mm x 35mm) and stealth. You can insert a memory card into it, fasten it onto a plaque of a belt and connect it to a power bank in your pocket - they will not notice right away.

After unpacking and screwing to the wall / floor / ceiling / something else, there we begin the connection procedure.
The monitoring program is called XMEye. Create an account and bind the camera to the server. At the time of binding, the camera becomes an access point, the phone finds it and transmits data to the home access point, through which the camera connects to the Internet. Everything went smoothly for me, no problems arose.
ESCAM Q6 Button
The monitoring program is called Yoosee. Similarly, you need to register and bind the camera to the server. After switching on, the camera expects information on the parameters of the home access point (name, password) from the side of the phone. The phone transmits these data to the camera through the speaker, issuing squeaks of different tones (who in childhood had a ZX Spectrum PC with a tape recorder would plunge into nostalgic memories). Apparently, when transmitting characters with sound, there are limitations or flaws, because I have a underscore in the password for the access point and I couldn’t connect the camera in the standard way. I had to take a second phone, temporarily turn it into an access point with a simple digital password. After connecting through the application interface, I changed the access point to the home in the network settings and the camera reconnected.
The advantages of the ESCAM QF001 includeall-round visibility, but inconspicuous installation is not possible - the camera will be clearly visible. The ESCAM QF001 is small in size, but it always looks in the same direction - how it was screwed.
It seems to be one manufacturer, but for different modelscameras use different applications. This nifiga is not convenient. To build some kind of surveillance network, you need to buy the same cameras, otherwise you will get confused with logins / passwords or there simply will not be enough memory in the phone for 10 different applications. And switching between cameras is a long and tedious procedure.
The ESCAM QF001 model used an unusualthe interface is pairing, but it is clearly not fully operational or incomplete. The ability to connect the camera is still preserved, but you must have minimal ability to hold a tambourine in your hands.
Ease of use ESCAM QF001
To look through the camera you need to dothe following chain of clicks: launching the application, authorization, selecting a camera, starting viewing. Total four clicks. As many clicks on the back button closes the program.
ESCAM Q6 Button
We consider it here: launching the application, starting viewing. Wow, just a couple of clicks! Two clicks on the back button to exit monitoring, and on the third click, the program is minimized to the status bar. Scribbling, returning to the program, switching to the “My” tab (in general, the translation of the application was very funny, it’s worth installing it just for the sake of reading these jokes), pressing “exit”, pressing the exit confirmation. The developers overdid it with closing the application specifically. Each time, by inertia, I forget to exit the program correctly and have to return. Terribly enrages.
In terms of responsiveness, the application forESCAM QF001 cameras are more convenient to use - just two clicks and you are already watching the video. ESCAM QF001 is reached twice as long and more actions need to be performed. ESCAM QF001 would be a clear winner here, if not for the stupid closing of the application. You can probably get used to it over time, but for now it's a draw.
Image Comparison. Viewing angle, impressions, traffic. Despite the different values ​​of viewing angles in the characteristics of these cameras (62.2 "for QF001 and 56.14" for Q6), the picture of the number of hanging cameras is almost the same, I would even say it is the same (in the sense of viewing width). Both cameras hang side by side on the second floor window and look at the parked cars (distance 12-15m):

Both cameras can shoot 720p video andwith lower resolution. Feels like the QF001 has a more detailed picture on the smartphone’s screen, but when viewing for a long time, the image lags, apparently large amounts of buffering are making themselves felt. In the application for Q6, the image is smoother, but also more lively, dynamic chtoli.
For the QF001 camera, in addition to the format, you can configure the frame rate up to 1 frame per second, and there are two profiles - one for viewing on the network, the other for recording on a memory card.
The Q6 camera can choose either PAL and it will be 25 frames per second, or NTSC with 30 frames per second.
In the remote viewing mode on a smartphone in HD quality, traffic from the QF001 camera is 140-150kb / s, from the Q6 camera 90-100kb / s.
When stationary docking to view oneplaces the viewing angles of the cameras do not visually differ. At the same time, the QF001 camera is able to cover more space, as It can be rotated 355 "around and 120" up / down.
However, the QF001 camera lags the picture during long viewing, as well as more traffic compared to Q6.
For online monitoring of a specific object, Q6 is definitely more convenient and profitable.
Video recording As an example, I am sitting at a table and leafing through a book. The camera stands in front of me and looks like me. The distance from the camera to the book is 35-45cm. I record video on a smartphone through the Chinese cloud.
The Q6 camera transmits 640 * 360 video over the network (in the settings you can select only PAL or NTSC, these are 25 and 30 frames / sec, respectively)

Original video (Q6) on Yandex disk
The QF001 camera pushes a full-size HD 1280 * 720 over the network (in the settings you can change the frame rate of 1-25 and the video format)

Original video (QF001) on Yandex drive
In summary, I can say the following:
1. In the quality of the video, you will not find significant differences between these cameras, they shoot approximately the same.
2. For convenience and comfort of use, you can give priority to the Q6 model - the connection is faster, the picture is more vibrant, there is no time lag, and in general, the use is simpler and more understandable. If you need to watch one permanent object from afar (for example, parking from 4 and above floors), you can safely take Q6. If the object of observation is close (like mine) and you need to “turn your head” to see all the areas, you will have to choose QF001.
3. By using traffic when viewing pictures through the cloud, Q6 will be slightly more economical.
That's all, write comments, if additional tests are needed, I will try to supplement it. Thanks to all.