H7 LED bulbs for fog lights.

In this review, I will talk about LED lamps inbase H7. The lamp is positioned as a fog lamp. Lamps are available in various types of socles H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H8, H9 880, HB3 9005, HB4 9006.
The declared brightness of the lamp is 4000Lm.
Color temperature 6000K.
Power 36W - if you look at the packaging, 30W - if you look at the store page (in fact it turned out 30W).
The supply voltage range is 8-42V.
The claimed resource of 30,000 hours.
The lamps came in such a package.

I will begin my tests by checking the lamp operation indeclared voltage range. From the table and graph we see that the lamp reaches its nominal operating mode at 12 volts, it is from this voltage that the driver stabilizes the power consumed by the lamp at a value of 30W. At voltages below 8 volts, the driver blocks the lamp.

Here I also note that when connecting the lamp you needbe sure to observe the polarity. The red wire is a plus, the black wire is a minus, sort of as a matter of course. But for the lamps that I met earlier in this socle, the polarity did not matter.

At the top of the lamp there is a rubber plug, as it seems to me its main purpose is to improve the appearance and nothing more.

For installation in a headlight, mounted on a lampadapter for H7 base; there are no additional adapters for other types of socles. The O-ring tightly presses the adapter against the lamp and prevents it from hanging. The adapter is massive, apparently it is assumed that part of the heat will be removed through it to the headlight reflector housing.

The lamp itself is made of 6063 aluminum (as the box says).

Two boards with LEDs are mounted on a massivean aluminum substrate, which is part of the body, that is, all the heat is transferred directly to the surface of the lamp and radiator, where it is dissipated. Heat dissipation improves the fan located under the aluminum protective casing, which is tightly pressed onto the radiator.

However, as my tests showed, the temperatureLEDs are still pretty high. I conducted the tests in a cardboard box, approximately equal in size to the interior of the headlamp. The lamp goes to the temperature stabilization mode very quickly, it takes a little more than 5 minutes.

The diameter of the lamp is slightly smaller than its counterparts, but due to the protruding radiator, the dimensions of the lamp allow it to be installed far from every car.

In addition, air intake fancarried out exclusively through the slots in the back cover. If, when installing the lamp, the headlight block cover will fit snugly against the back of the lamp, then the temperature at the LEDs of the lamp will increase significantly.
Now let's move on to the main tests.
There's a lot on the lamp description pagephotos where these lamps were installed in the low beam headlights. Therefore, I will test the lamps on the dipped headlights and compare it with LEDO Standard halogen lamps.
To compare lamp brightness with standardI used a halogen light meter. Having placed the sensor at a distance of one meter from the headlamp glass, I measured the illumination created by the lamp. The obtained values ​​as a result of measurements can be considered dimensionless. They will only help us evaluate how many times the LED lamp is brighter than a standard halogen lamp.
LED lamp 3790 Lux,
Halogen lamp 1625 Lux
It turned out that the LED lamp is 2.3 times brighter than an incandescent lamp.

Please pay attention to the complete absence of a light-shadow border.
Photos were taken with the following camera settings: ISO 3200, f4.5, 1 / 160s.
I forgot to switch the white balance to manual mode, so the halogen lamp turned out a little colder.
How the lamps look in business can be seen invideo at the end of the review. If you read the review, the video you are interested in will start at 2:10. just in case I’ll stick a screenshot, if there is no way to see a dynamic picture.

And finally, another comparison of the brightness of the lamps.

Video review version:

The lamp got me interested in the fact that the LEDIt turned out to be slightly recessed compared to other similar lamps from the budget price range. It became interesting to me how the light-shadow border would change with this arrangement of the diode. In fact, she has not changed.
Perhaps for fog lights these lampsThey will do, but you can’t put these lamps in the low beam headlights in any case, the only exception is if your headlights are designed to use LED lamps of this type.
It seems to have told everything.
Thank you for your interest in the review.