P21W LED Bulbs with BA15s socket (1156)

In short - the lamp is just fire, in every sense.
The product comes in a branded box. Inside, in the foam cells are the lamps themselves. On the side of the box is the site of the "manufacturer" - www.nighteyeled.com

The hero of the review looks like this:

Dimensions stolen from the seller. However, they are pretty standard and there were no problems installing lamps.

As for the type of LED - sellers are confusedin the testimony. Someone has Cree, someone has Samsung CSP, someone has Osram, and someone has Luxeon ZES. I climbed the websites of these manufacturers and the most similar LED from what I saw - Luxeon Z, and even that, it has only two contact pads and they are completely under the LED, and not like in the photo. But probably this is some kind of old revision of Luxeon Z.

If someone has identified the LED - drop a line in comments, plz.
Compare the lamp with the standard on the table. Superiority is obvious.

In ZPTF it shines like this (LEDs on the left).

Interestingly, despite not the cold white spectrum of the LED, the result was not pale pink or raspberry, but warm and lamp red. And even warmer than a regular lamp.
In the reversing light it shines generally chic.

And now some tedious technical details: Lamps are insensitive to polarity. And the multimeter does not ring in both directions. Apparently, there is some kind of driver, but it was not possible to get to it. The screws are unscrewed without problems, but the radiator does not half. The board crunches dangerously, but the radiators hold on - apparently glued. The power consumption when turned on is [email protected] Somewhere in a minute, the current drops to 0.65A. There is 8-9W of power, which is likely to allow these lamps to work normally on cars with lamp control. Well, as a direct consequence - the lamps are decently warming. After 1.5 minutes, the temperature of the diodes is 100C, after 3 minutes - 120C and stabilizes. It is on the table, at room temperature at 27 ° C.
Conclusion: In the feet, turn signals, reverse - YES. In this mode, they will work if not forever, then for a very, very long time. In PTF, ZPTF, dimensions - NO, because in the hot summers and a couple of months will not last.
The current price tag for these lamps is like a cast-iron bridge, and besides, only 1-2 sellers are available, but they are worth it.