Briefs made of bamboo.

There are a lot of interesting things on the Internet nowit is written about bamboo fibers. Socks and panties and towels are produced. My first acquaintance with bamboo began with a towel. Whoever felt it at least once will not confuse him with a clap. The bamboo towel is light, much softer and more tender, silky, very pleasant to the body. So I decided to buy my underpants as a gift. The cheapest ones were on Ali.
By the way, bamboo fiber has a natural antistatic effect.
Let’s take a closer look at the goods received. At the time of purchase, the seller’s rating was not bad. Its main cant is a size mismatch. I carefully read the reviews, took measurements. I collected a consultation and decided to take XXL (it turned out I have the 50th). I bought for US $ 12.34 for 5 pieces about six months ago. However, at the time of purchase, the dollar was much cheaper, still managed.
The seller gave the track immediately. But he never cracked. I also read about this jamb of the seller. He showed patience and waited. The cowards came within a month, albeit with a different track.

Parcel weight 325g.

Exactly 5 pieces. This is the color that I ordered.

Appearance really liked. Weighed. Exactly 62g.
Turned out to be a bit lighter than the standard knitwear from the local store.

Panties are very tender. Will be irreplaceable in the summer. All stitches and seams were thoroughly studied. Everything is done at a decent level. Photographed from all sides, study.

Panties seem small, but stretch to any size (you could say that). Perfect fit.
I have the 50th, ordered XXL. Seller sent - XXXL. Perhaps the seller took into account reviews of the product and was safe with the size. You can wear it for those with the 52nd, as he wrote earlier, they stretch well.
Underpants are not pure bamboo, that’s exactly what is written on the seller’s page.

Here is the translation from the label
Composition: 95% bamboo fiber 5% elastane.
I do not have the opportunity to check the percentage. I do not have a chemical laboratory.

The same thing is written on the underpants.
I am satisfied with the purchase. Panties of high quality. I can also recommend a seller. He has jambs, but this did not affect the quality of the delivered goods. I have indicated all the pros and cons (aware, then armed). For half a year, cowards practically did not stretch.
At the end of a couple of pictures on a 50th size mannequin

Enjoy the shopping!