KingCamp Travel Feet - Soft comfortable shoes, but not without flaws

I decided to ask the seller for a very unusualshoes with fun color options. I had never seen anything like it before or saw it, but did not pay attention, so it was interesting to test this product and find out whether it would be convenient to wear such shoes. If you are also interested in feet, then please ask for cut.

So, the KingCamp ka7176 shoe model. If you look at the description of shoes on Russian-language sites, then they designate it as “tourist feet”. Apparently, the name of the foot comes from the English “foot”, which can be translated as a foot, foot or foot. There are other translations, but the words I have indicated will be most appropriate in this case.
Description in Russian:

The feet arrived on time, admittedly. The weather now (05/01/2017) is not very happy with really warm days, and even after turning off the heating at home, it’s cold enough for me to walk only in my socks. Of course, I have various slippers, or rather summer slippers, which I call slippers out of habit, and it seems that they suited me all in the sense that the foot, even in socks, no longer touched the cold floor, but the heat coming from legs, they could not save completely. If so, why not try something new? I just tried it recently
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Difficulties with the choice of color and size.
Generally I would like to acquire feet of orange orgreen, but, unfortunately, the seller didn’t have the right color for these colors. I needed exactly the size of 10.5 (US, that is, the American size), it was already dangerous to take smaller, considering that my feet are relatively large. Also, the seller advised me to take a size larger than everyday shoes, but usually I buy goods in sizes 43-44. As a result, 10.5, which just matches European 43-44, fits me perfectly, the feet do not fall off my feet, but at the same time there is still free space for the fingers in front.
Size Information:

Unpacking and appearance.
Feet are delivered in a convenient bag, so there should be no problems with carrying shoes.

Additional photos of the bag

Feet themselves, how to write it, have toounusual and unusual appearance compared to many other types of shoes. Despite the fact that on the product page it is indicated that shoes can be used outdoors, I would have thought whether it is worth walking in the streets with such “boots”. Although you can not pay attention to the appearance, the main problem of the product is not this. There are doubts about the longevity of feet and that they are designed for at least some extreme conditions, and on the street you can touch something sharp or step on something undesirable.

Additional photos of feet

Although on the product page it is indicated that the shoessuitable for camping (and the name of the company KingCamp implies this), but probably meant using it in tents or near them, although I would be glad to make a mistake. Just in case, I decided to ask the seller a question, and he advised using KA7176 indoors.

There are two types of soles and judging by the descriptionthey are no different except in appearance. You can’t choose the type of sole for the buyer, everything is decided randomly for him, or, probably, more precisely, by the store employees. The sole really does not slip, as I could see on the wet floor in the bathroom.

Additional photos of the sole

Here are the details of what the feet are made of:
- Material: nylon, polyester.
Hollow polyester fiber.
Rubber outsole.
- insides.
Each foot weighs 143 grams, which is quite a bit. According to official figures, the weight of the feet is 330 grams. Since the shoes are lightweight, they don’t create much noise when walking, which is important when you need to go to the kitchen as quietly as possible at night without waking anyone
The weight of the carrying bag is 64 grams.
Since water resistance is declared, I could notdo not try to wet the KA7176 in the bathroom a little, and the water does not really get inside, of course, provided that if you do not fill in the part where the foot is slipping. You may notice a little lower that after water procedures the right foot (in the singular sounds a bit strange) changed color, becoming darker. The left did not participate in swimming. In general, you need to be prepared for the fact that over time, the colors fade.

The shoes are really very soft and comfortable, andthe only problem is that the legs in it quickly begin to sweat, especially if you do not take off your socks. And one more thing: since I wear KA7176 for only a few days, I can’t judge their reliability yet, but Aliexpress already has one negative review, albeit with 4 stars:
- given that the sole is thin, this is possible.
In the end, I decided that such substitutes for homeslippers (in my case) are comfortable, but only when the room is cold. Even taking into account the cold floors, I prefer to wear the KA7176 on my bare foot, in order to avoid the unpleasant sensations of socks wet from sweat after taking my feet off. Before, I often lay in hospitals and at that time I wouldn’t refuse such shoes, but if you need footage you can decide for yourself, but I suspect that a considerable number of people will be frightened by their non-standard appearance. Is something like this on Aliexpress from other manufacturers? I don’t even know how to find similar feet and what search query I need to use, so I won’t be able to suggest alternatives. At the same time, there are many options for selling feet for sports, but they look and feel on the foot, they are slightly different, as far as I can tell. But if you type “KingCamp KA7176” in any search engine, then on Russian sites you can see the same feet, but not for 1000 rubles, as in the official KingCamp store on Ali, but about half as much! True, large sizes are not always available, as in Chinese stores.
Well, about how the shoes look on their feet:

Additional photos