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For those who do not read the text: I liked the bra (all the reasons are described in my detailed review), the photo on me at the very bottom, under the cut. And who is interested to know about a successful purchase and bras for big breasts, well)
I have few reviews, and an attentive reader, I think, noticed that most of the posts are devoted to underwear. No, I do not collect it, although nowit seems like that. I’m just constantly unlucky in buying bodices: either the landing is not the same, then the volume is a jamb, then the cups are far / close to each other. And this also applies to offline purchases. Measured, it seems, everything is ok. It was like a day: in the back presses, rub the bones, flatten the cup. And, if it were possible to sin on a Chinese manufacturer, then not well-known brands would please me. I think some girls will understand me.
The month before last, I reviewed the bodice froma young RealWill store. The bodice was of excellent quality, but I did not guess with the size. I decided to give the store a second chance and returned for another bra. Listening to the seller this time, I ordered a black + 75D bodice-bustier on my parameters 95 cm in the chest and 71 cm under the breast.
Honestly, I am a very picky buyer: it's hard for me to please, and I'm looking for jambs everywhere, sometimes even where they are not. BUT! This time I am more pleased than ever. So today to be laudatory odes! I will show you (I’m not afraid of these big words) the best bodice on Ali!
I received the package a month after ordering,the courier handed right in hand. Everything is packed soundly: a pink girl’s cardboard box, a company zip-package, plastic “sissy” so that the bodice would keep its shape and the bust itself would not crumple during transportation.

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I recognized the bodice as the most successful that I met. There are no similar busts (outwardly similar) to Ali, but now let's understand why this one is better than the others?
Firstly, this is the material from which the bodice is made. It is very tender, soft and pleasant to the touch.
Secondly, a bra without push-up. For some, this may be a minus, but this model perfectly collects and raises breasts without it. Moreover, there would be a push, there would not be paragraph 3.
Thirdly, the bodice is full measure. Even on the tabs there is infa: on the exhaust gas 93-95 cm and the organized crime group - 73-77 cm. I confirm it, on a full-fledged “four”) He’s a little too big under my chest, I wear the farthest fasteners for the minimum volume.

Fourth, this is the design of the bodice. I will not take out each element as a separate item, so I will sign everything here. I think everyone knows that due to the wide straps and wide back, the bodice provides excellent support. And here already 4 hooks and 4 positions of fasteners!
In addition to all this, the drapery of the “axillary part” was made. So the problem of embedding in the fat of this area is eliminated.

And now I ask for a moment of attention! Take a closer look, the cup looks flat, nothing outstanding, but its shape is very successful,? - perfect option. The line under the chest is arched.
When you put on a bodice, there’s a line under your cheststraightens up and look what happens to the cup. She rises and as close to the second. I tried to demonstrate this clearly by straightening the bodice with my hands.

The bodice has no seeds in the cups, but they are sewn into the sides of the bra. Do not stick, do not crush.

There were no sticking threads, no unpleasant smell, no nuances at all.
Fifth, the bodice is completely smooth.
Sixth, this is a low cost. Of course, this is not a $ 5 bodice, but for its quality it costs just a penny.
Seventhly, the straps are detachable, adjustable and securely held, do not slip and do not fall.
I have been writing about the coolness of the bust for so long that I simply have to show it not only on the body, but also in comparison with another bodice of the same size.
Photo on me

I think, to repeat how cool it is and is not worth it, everything is so visible! Who is not noticeable, please look again at the title photo
I just copy it

To summarize, I can still say aboutthe only drawback of this model: to seduce men in this bra is the last thing, in appearance it is big, awkward and massive. But do not forget that the most important thing is still comfort, but it is convenient in it!
By the way, I still need to adjust to the fastener a bit, for the first time it was very difficult for me to fasten the bodice.
I highly recommend this bra for purchase, especially for owners of curvaceous forms!
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