Elongated women's jacket

In this review, as everyone has already understood, the speech will go an elongated jacket.It was ordered for spring, but in our harsh Russian climate of the middle band, fitsIt is rather for the summer.Wellcome)
The jacket was ordered not from the seller with a link from the review, but from another. Unfortunately, where the order was made, there is no more item, so found identical from another seller.
Размер взяла М. У продавца заявлены следующие параметры этого размера:
Length: 78 cm
Shoulders - 36 cm
Breast girth - 88 cm
Sleeve length: 57 cm
In fact:
Length: 72 cm
Shoulders - 34 cm
Breast girth - 80 cm
Sleeve length : 56 cm
Perhaps some indicators have not been measured correctly, correct, if anything:
Settings photos

But it doesn't look very nice, because the hooks are not enough and it's worth it.sew them more often, also, it is better to change them, as they are kept "on the spelt":
The kind of hooks on me is buttoned up

In principle, I do not feel the need for fastening, the jacket looks very good when it is unbuttoned.
As you can see from the photo, I chose the color "ivory."
The product is made neatly, the seams are smooth, the threads do not stick out, the fabric does not stretch:
Stitches, kind of product

The lining is very thin, so one day, when I made a sloppy sharp move, too emotionally reciting Byron in the original), she parted a little by the seam between the shoulder blades:
Embarrassment with lining

But this case is fixable.
In general, the jacket pleased me.
I've been wearing it for almost a year.Approach the heels, and the shoes with a flat sole.
Photo on me

Just in case my height is 173cm
A few failed frames)


Thank you all for your attention.