Service protective covers for car seats

After serious work on tidying up the interior of the car there was a real need to keep it in this form.Of course, I was completely in favour of not driving, but putting and admiring.But that's not the case, of course.special case on the seats and then floated ideas: sew, cut and glue glue, wrap a stretch ... But that's not the case. A quick search for Ali gave a couple of options.
Cheap, judging by the reviews, not quite bad.Either a set for a service of 500 pieces of fine polyethylene, or this.Immediately wrote the seller a request to send as soon as possible.The parcel came in 22 days, which is quite a good result for the long-distance, relative to China, the point of Belarus, Brest.
Packaging is a regular package. Is it necessary more?

Inside is an in-half high-quality zipper with 2 cases.The material, relative to the country of origin and price tag, is good.Therefore, it is necessary to use it with special tenderness, to keep as the last in the shop key for 13.

There was a fresh memory in my head of what people wrote about the lack of density of the material.Really.

The case has a "pocket" on top, 2 loops in the center, probably in order to hook them somewhere on the bend and a rope, which is held in a seam, ostensibly to tighten from below.

That's the way it is on the seat.

Whether I have some special seats, or as with clothes, the covers turned out to be some small-time.At the top sit tightly, and from below they barely enough to cover the entire width of the back and seat.There is no reason to talk about any puffs from below.
I will not say that the props, in principle, they will protect the rubbing of the picture, but no more.I'll leave them in the car for an emergency, for the garage you want something more reliable.I'll probably make it out of glue.