Homeel x1 for $15 with a good battery

If you don't need fancy bells, the touch keyboard annoys you, and the phone is only for calls, Haweel X1 is that the doctorExcellent "call" on two SIM cards with a Russian-speaking keyboard!to this miracle of technology.
Since the characteristics and parameters of the phone are few, and we will start with them:

  • 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen
  • Dual sim
  • Dual sim
  • MicroSD support
  • FM radio
  • MP3, MP4 support
  • Camera 0.3MP
  • Lantern
  • Battery capacity 1500 mAh
  • Размеры 123.8*52*15 мм

Set: phone, headphones, instruction, microUSB charging. Also, the Chinese did not stint on gifts: a stylus in the form of a cartridge (it is not clear why), a rubber fish for winding headphones, a sticker and some pebble.
According to tactile sensations, the phone is comfortable, the assembly is high-quality.The main weight of the phone is a battery, which feels heavier than the device itself.The screen is also not small with a good picture.When you dial a number, the letter is too big, which I found uncomfortable to see.Резиновая удобная клавиатура с синей подсветкой. Динамик громкий, даже слишком. Фонарик тусклый, с камерой думаю тоже все понятно.
В целом неплохая «звонилка» с хорошим аккумулятором. Плюс можно использовать в качестве плеера. Когда покупал, выбрал не самый дешевый экземпляр данной модели. Если будете брать, то на али можно найти дешевле.