T-shirt from China: dressed as a superman

Today we will look at the T-shirt with the superman print.
Delivery was carried out by China's mail and delivery time to Ukraine was only 7 days.

Material composition: 100% polyester.

There are no sticking threads and no unpleasant smell, but the quality of tailoring is quite mediocre.

I wear size, according to the size table on the lot page suits mesizeXXL.
The measurements correspond to the specified on the website:
distance from one shoulder seam to another is 42cm,
distance from one armpit to the other is 46cm,
The length of the sleeve (from the throat seam) is 19.5cm,
The length of the t-shirt (from the shoulder seam) is 68cm.
It is worth noting that the fabric is very long, the T-shirt would have no problems and the one who wearsSizeL.
And finally, how it looks to me:

One more photo

The print of the t-shirt is bright, the effect is produced.Naturally, this t-shirt can not be considered as "for every day", but it will be perfect"exit" to any event or photo shoot.
High-quality and bright print;
Matching the size grid
Made of synthetics.
Mediocre quality tailoring.
It remains to smear old Spice and fly to save the grandmothers!

I wish you all a good mood and only pleasant shopping!