How to solve the vaporizer or tank replacement problems on SMOK Micro TFV4

The story began with the search for a replacement tank Melo 3.Melo satisfied me completely except for one, vaporizers quickly burned, or rather cotton wool.I wanted to find a service on D22.After going to VipeShop decided to take Smok Micro TFV 4.The company is kind of famous and no stranger to vaping. Okay, enough lyrics to get to the point.
The tank is original and has been tested on the site.


That's what he looks like in fashion.

Now I will try to explain all the pros and cons, although there are more cons.
1.I'll start with its versatility.three glasses per 2.5 ml, 3.5 ml. and 5.5 ml... Everything seems to be fine, only when the volume increases you have to increase and mine the duct, through the choke, which of course goesIn the set.
On each fitting there is a sealing ring (it is logical, where without them), but to twist tightly all the connections is not possible, interferes withGlass.

But maybe not because of not a tight connection, he will say.I was noticed in practice, if you twist the vaporizer tightly to it tightly twist the fittingFurther cover pour the slurry without overlapping the upper joint and hold the tank, horizontal effectThe "snot" disappears.
2. Next we move on to mouthpieces.One "ala drip" by the way is very good, all-metal, almost does not heat up.The second consists of two tubes, an internal glass duct and an external metal part, between them the air chamber in which steam accumulates, then it condenses in this chamber and at the next puff pours into the mouth.

3. A separate conversation, it is the base and vaporizers.
The vaporizer is deeply planted in the base, probably, it gives the best cooling, but to maintain such a layout is problematic.
That's what a service looks like.

In principle, you can twist with your hands, but the vaporizer in it soldered or boiled from different thickness of wire.Of course, there is no talk of uniform warming.

That's what the service looks like.

Without a special tool to serve is not real.or pliers with long sponges.

Of the pros can be noted the versatility and deep location of the vaporizer in the base, which contributesgood cooling.
In general, this is probably all that I wanted to tell you.Just wanted to warn all the novice steamers, it is better to choose some other product of such a wonderful company.