The most comfortable baking form with a diameter of 18.5 cm

There was a reason - and I remembered about another successful purchase from China.Yes, I have many different forms of baking purchased in local stores.But it was the shape of this diameter I really needed once (in the manufacture of multi-tier cakes), and to find such offline did not work. Now it's my "favourite size"))) for "home" celebrations...
The uniform came whole and unscathed.Delivery took a month (about a year ago) Ordered on another link, which has already burned.I had a great desire to also order set(it's even more profitable) and such "baby, but gradually the need for them no longer.
The photos were taken after a year of use, so the non-stick coating is no longer the same (
The main "chip" of such forms is that they are connector.And when you remove from it baking, you can not worry about the integrity of the biscuit.
The latch is sturdy. Everything is safe.
Размеры такие же, как и на странице продавца.
To be sure that baking will fall behindBottom mold, I use baking paper.brush from the local store, which is also on Ali.
The shape is robust, it's not leaking.
In this form, biscuits are always obtained (although, probably, this is a great merit of the recipe) To carefully extract the biscuitOf the form I have:
1.First I pass a wooden spatula in a circle ("putting off" the sides from the form)
2.«Раскрываю» форму.
3.Turn the biscuit "upside down"
4. I unplug the bottom and paper.
It turns out almost perfectly)
Also, I use a ring of this shape for assembling a cake, when it is necessary that the smeared cakes do not disperse, and the cream remained in its place and did not flow on the edges.
Anti-stick coating
Good size)
-can bend when transporting
-the price is similar to offline, but if you take a set - profitable.
I love small and tall cakes, so this form is very much in love with me.
And helped to "decorate" one of the events in my life))