Black and white polka dot dress from China

Good evening, girls and boys!
Before buying I spent a lot of time choosing a suitable dress, in the basket got a lot of goods, but your choiceI stopped it on a smart dress with a black polka dot bottom and a white top. In the caption, the author captioned the 2015 long-sleeved dress.Also on the page there was only one photo on which the girl in this dress makesBut one photo was enough to fall in love with him.There were no reviews of the dress, but it no longer mattered as the choicewas made:)
Ignoring the seller's table of lengths of the dress, I indicated the sizewho always wear S, made a payment and waited.
The coveted packet came in 36 days, a little faster than I expected and a week earlier on March 8.There were no delays on the seller's part.
Anxiously opening the envelopes, I carefully studied the quality of the lines and the material itself.The dress turned out to be well sewn, with even neat lines, without sticking threads.Also pleased with the light summer material and the presence of lining fabric.
Радости не было придела. До того, как я приступила к примерке…
What looks like a black and white dress in polka dots on me, see for yourself:

When fitting the dress, we found out the problematic issues, which the designer did not think through.

First, the length of the dress.about their experience of purchasing clothes at AliExpress, where they complained about the length.But to think that the dress will be short even to me, a girl with a height of a little more than 160 cm and not the longest legs, I could not.I'm sure that the boys on the street will be glad to look at the girls in such short dresses, but in it I feel not confident and will not even be able to bend over the handbag without lighting a ass.

Secondly, the dress has short sleeves.During the fitting it turned out the opposite.

And the last problem is the cutout.In order to look decent in the photo, had to fasten the edges of the top with a pin.
After fitting, the experience of the payment was not so bright, but I do not get upset.Luckily I'm good with the sewing machine and my pens will doit's a candy bar, since the Chinese seamstresses failed to do so:)
From all this I have learned a lesson that when buying clothes on the Internet it is necessary to pay attention to the specified length of all parts of clothing and try it on the subways, and if they do not, then require the seller to make them frozen.
And in conclusion, I share with you a video in which I unpack the parcel and twist trying on the dress in front of the camera: