Black dress in business style

All good time of day and great mood!
28.02.2017 my daughter and I decided to order a dress of business style.To the question of appearance.21.03.2017.came the parcel!She made it to our house for 21 days.
Black dress of excellent quality. The cotton is present, but synthetics also
The straightening is made evenly.Looks neat.
The stitches are perfectly even.Nowhere is a single sticking thread.If the model gets a little better, the dress will still sit excellently))
At a height of 167cm, OG-83cm, OT-68cm, OB-90cm took M.
I bought it for my money.
A photo



UPD 31.03.2017 P.S: The dress withstood the first wash.I didn't clean my hands.
In the washing machine to throw did not dare to because the dress itself is black, and the collar with cuffs white.I assumed they might have colored.
Personal advice: DO NOT SOAK!!!