eGo e-cigarette

A good e-cigarette in the signature case, will go for a gift.
Generous kit, not as sometimes just batteries atomizerin the blister.
In general, I came across once in group shopping, in the section "Almost for nothing" on such a wonderful thing.Miraculously managed to buy it, although competitors think was not enough.
She came after 1.5 months, packed in a paper bag without additional layers of "puvel."I thought it was going to be bent-broken-dented, but it turned out to be a lot better - it was a little flattened.

Included was:
The battery itself
Power adapter
Usb cable
Silicon stand

We collect a cigarette, twisting together the battery and the atomizer...
Then I (think many) had a question - "How to smoke it?"
Разобраться в этом получилось спустя неделю, чего я только не пробовал… заряжал ее, заливал, сливал жидкость…
In general, you just need to press the button 5 times (like for 2 seconds.) and a button blink3 times.
To do this, press the button (it will light up) and smoke.
Oh, I forgot...
Cigarette will come empty, for smoking you need to buy more liquid into it.
I bought on Tinydeal, now they do not sell there, but there is still Cigabuy (this, as I understood some child digging fromTinydeal)
For the convenience of refilling a cigarette I recommend to buy a special bottle with a tip.
Twist the mouthpiece (sort of so-called)- it's such a black thing at the top and pour there liquid.
Many beginners make a mistake and pour liquidity into the hole in the middle, but it is not necessary to do so.It is necessary to fill once around this hole and this is why you need a tip on the bottle, so that the liquid does not fall into the middle.
I do not recommend, especially beginners to buy at once a large bottle of liquid-enough 25ml, but hereIf you like tote, you'll already order 50, 100ml.
Let's talk about charging:
As you know, all batteries sooner or later "sit down" and they need to be recharged
To charge the battery of this cigarette you need to twist the atomizers to twist the plug insteadYou can charge as a power unit with a USB output on 5v, and fromUSB connector of the computer.
I think I told you everything))
I advise you to buy it.
Yes, and yet-in this review it was about a cigarette with a battery on 650mAh!