Wonderful slippers from Shina

I've been wanting to order something like this since I don't have a lot of choice in the city.such shoes and 2 times more expensive. I ordered light blue slippers from the seller.My size is 22.5 cm, all picked on the seller's grid and stopped at a size 5 (the smallest sizeOf the proposed). I didn't wait long.When I opened the box I didn't feel any smell, the quality was not very bad.At least it wasn't different.Although my size of 22.5 cm was indicated on the sole, they were eerily small.Here's their photo:

Here's a photo on her leg (gave these beautiful slippers to my mother, she has a leg just like an inch)
Since I really liked them I ordered a second pair, but a little different color.since they didn't come so fast, it's been around a month.Here they are (the quality is the same, only the size of 23.5):
But still there are a couple of disadvantages in my order:
-The first couple at the wash lost such a bright flower it was originally, but herethe second is surprisingly not.
"And also when the sock inside began to wipe the material
Here's the actual photo in action

Bottom line: Cons are less than pluses, I would advise to order them, only in a darker color, so as not to fade when washing)