The Simpsons figurines

Hello, after purchasing these figurines decided to replenish his collection and found on aliexpress these figurines, a choicewas not great (on ali) were only too small 3-5 cm, and so decided to buy these, the price of thatthe momentwas in the region of 500 rubles.
About the seller: sent the figurines quickly, and everything else depended onOur mail so there is nothing to add about the seller.
A month later I had already taken the parcel, unpacking it first thing I aired the figurines, the smell emanating fromthey were just awful, that's how it smelled of chemicals, plastic, paint I don't know.
The set included 10 pieces of figurines, measuring 5-10cm.

The quality of the figurines is not very, light cheap plastic inside the pacifier, the quality of past figures was better.
Some figurines are not very stable, without support some and do not put, to come up with of course something can but still infuriatesthey are raised because of each touch on the shelf.
And the duct-painting is very bad, all the figurines have blunders frompaints, some details don't
painted (take the same eyes of Maggie), without shoals there will beexcept that one figurine and everything, painting is much worse than the previous figures (although many did not like it).
Цвет у этих поярче чем у предыдущих.

Итог: купить конечно их можно, косяков если не присматриваться на полке не увидишь да и цена не большая, но если вы ищете качественные фигурки вам они не подойдут.