Soft backpack, in the form of a sheep.

Рюкзак овца
White fluffy, on the back weighs, collects all smiles and joy.The lamb is tame. / Not hand, but snous-
I was in Moscow, and I saw... Sheep??
The girl was jumping, developed braids in a row, on the back hangingSheep, and looks at me.
Uncle, what are you looking at me for? I'm not looking at you, I'm looking at your backpack.He's as cool as a living man.I've ordered it in Alishka.I'll give it to the kids.
And so.It was exactly the same as that of a girl.
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External material, very soft cotton, right want to touch all the time.
Eyes made of black white plastic, nose protruding stuffedApparently whitish.
Paws also hang on 10cm
Можно стирать в машинке, как обычную рубашку, но вывернуть наизнанку, что бы глаза не бились об цилиндр
Сверху есть молния, внутри плотная ткань.
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Лямки черного цвета из очень плотной ткани, если не ошибаюсь капрон.
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высота +-48см
ширина +-30см
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Так же можно посмотреть пример видео, со всем выше перечисленным.