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A backpack for ... Anywhere.

Price: $ 9.76 Go to the store Hello! Time passes, the children grow up ... The younger one comes up to me and says, "Give me a laptop for five minutes, I'll see something." Returns- "I chose a backpack for school, put it in the basket for you." Like this. Before, who would ask her ...

LED-lamp and a set of gel polishes DODO

Price: $ 19.00 + 29.70 Go to the store Hello everyone! Today I’ll tell you about the order, which I made thanks to the comments on one of the reviews on this site. In general, I was satisfied with the product. For details, under the cut) I have long wanted to order a UV lamp for drying nails and with it a set of gel polishes ... .

Tigernu Backpack

Price: 30.$ 28 (2056r) Go to the store I was looking for a backpack that would suit my needs for quite some time, I was in no hurry because my old backpack from school is, surprisingly, in good condition for its 17-year-old age. The problem with the choice was ...